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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  September 28, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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statehood or hotheads sahel to him had have cahilit was struck head-on button has to be what riding her bike run 350 nit yesterday afternoon she suffered major injuries in and die in the hospital two hours later. hope that as of a comet and the bike in the been close in the blood and it was a very sad. he will perform done here there is no speed limit posted. the driver of the s e v remained at the scene drug for our call to not appear to the plate and factor in that accident. james was picked up
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wednesday on suspicion of lewd acts with a child under 14. last night against the amended he answers from school officials at the meeting. it's just another a symbol of these people need to be thoroughly its simmons before they are around our children. the district contacted police after receiving a complaint on monday. he is free on one budget thousand dollars bail. the santa clara principal or arrested for drug charges will be reluctant court today. he allegedly offered drugs to a mock apple undercover officer. investigators funds amassed guns and. a man suspected of leading a woman at gunpoint as the wind chill. the woman was walking on watt trio when the attacker to pressure from the hon. he threatened her with a
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semiautomatic handgun before raping her. police arrested the the 30 look not far from home the car seat. including charges include rape and other serious allegations. off police said this woman 38 year-old marcy key let abandoned her daughter at 864 restored last week and then drove off when the girl was caught trying to bring the hundred $50 worth of unpaid archer's up to the uproar. local parents for our rich by the behavior those kind of individuals don't deserve to have children. that little girl doesn't deserve to have the kind of a parent. the to general growth is not face any criminal charges she discuss them with her grandmother. some occupied is that were evicted on wednesday of trying to move back in last night.
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officers stood guard at the four camps of some of the federal reserve building. 30 people started taunting and throwing bottles at the officers. protesters ran off once additional backup officers are barred. late wednesday people were clear of the campsite. the man behind the protest cut lines in san francisco's mission district will be in court today. ha ha 20 road was shot at officer last week who would bus the say he pulled a gun. the shooting prompted several days of an angry demonstrations. bicycles will converge on the streets of san francisco to celebrate the 20th anniversary of critical mass. the month would like what was started back in 1992 to protest the dominance of cars on city
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streets run the bay area weather was we had some big changes come in for the weekend. this could be the hottest weekend we've seen all september. that looks like we're going to see some to the butchers creek up all around the bay area. already 61 degrees and ever more. the atmosphere is starting to warm up. but after then it's back into the 80s if you 90s by the afternoon. over the weekend stopped at the
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pictures are really going to spike. of and that there is benefit of accident. all loans are backed open on no. 1101. does he concede these are live drug * everything is forbidden clear. repeal of look at the golden gate bridge a lot of fog this morning. at 7 to be well as across in the span. hawks would have some more road work on the connector ramp hit from to 80 at towards 92. but the dukes of ron doran or work. this lens brought in the east of lanes of highway 4. west of highway 4 for nt and is already seeing a few bright
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lights as you make your way past the exit. a massive marijuana grower has been uncovered in the north bay spread throughout its entire center rosa neighborhood. officers from more than 1000 pot plants spread over a four block area. the crop is worth an estimated $2 million. 15 people have been arrested. neighbors say they noticed some signs of the girl. it's the wrong pot. there's a match there is a lot of digging fighting to. it said could i'd like to move now because you never know what's gone to happen next. investigators of math half a pound of cocaine and guns. if all believed to be connected to ding activity. at t people are dead after
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the crash of a plain people when the dump and flames. the crash killed all on board. an official says the pilot if a vote should just two minutes after departure. he was trying to turn back when the plane went them. western nations and middle east allies will meet today to discuss the civil war in support and syria. u.s. secretary estate is hosting a talk was the u.n. comes to a tall. defense secretary says it's clear that terrorists word behind the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate and in gaza and libya. he says is so uncertain which group was involved the been president says his government
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has suspended about 10 militia groups and he will continue to take action against the muslim extremists. a man behind the entire muslim video that sparked angry protests against the united states is in jail. it was ordered to jail because you violated or returns to a check fraud. of the first presidential debate is five days away. the two cabot's will spend weekends preparing for the competition. both men campaign in virginia yesterday. i covered everything from the economy to the national security rich is so troubled and dangerous world. the idea of mott cutting our military commitment over a trillion dollars is unthinkable and the setting crews my opponent thinks is heard
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that someone who makes $20 million a year like them happens a lot more rain had a call that a teacher who makes $50,000. the first a bit hit nbc in here this evening at 6. she will not be. comedienne roseanne barr is running for the white house as a member of the peace and freedom party. she'll be on the november ballot. she spoke yesterday at the campus trade school in oakland. time in the small crowd she would like to legalize marijuana. mime messages democracy freedom and peace. the two more votes in the peace and freedom party if it doesn't double its
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registration by the end of 2014. only in our right. how the city is preparing for five people are dead after the workplace shooting in minnesota people pc car chases every day. this is not so common. what does that are common on horseback is doing,,
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of paul revere he is not. police in florida say drunken man on for the lead them on a chase in the was caught on camera. he ran right through the intersection on the way to grandmother's house. after a 30 minute chase big crowd and die and cuffed him. he faces charges including the light on a horse. around the bay area city we
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have some changes coming. this weekend is going to be something else. we have a hot spell coming. patchy fog the start of the day. some of that very thick as it approached the coast. since the mid-60s and towards livermore and patty dense fog as he approached the beaches. a mixture of sunshine and fog this afternoon. the cdc on somebody's popping up in the interior valleys. 96 in fresno 93 and sacramento 90 in sacramento. , is going to see the hottest of the church on sunday and monday
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as the rich flexes its muscle. patchy fog as the head throughout the morning that is when to break up a little bit. not going to be of to get rid of that entirely but there is one to be some nice weather. 82 in san jose 76 in palo alto 92 and lin would. 88 degrees and walnut creek. in the city of san francisco's 68 degrees. the hottest of the month as it looks like this one to be an upper 90s on sunday and monday. the changes coming late next week. so far so good if you're
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heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza no delay its heading into san francisco. the meeting rights will not be turned on for another a little while. here's a look at the san mateo bridge. 40 minutes is a truck tire rut if he were heading towards foster city. we're all this a truck is flood of light. with a lot of fog this morning he. this is. you sit across the golden gate bridge. elsewhere more road work on it to 8092 connect to the swiss had been blocked overnight. nor will it work in the ease the minds of highway 4.
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were sitting a few bright lights on the west of highway 4. if you the list right now through the more mass transit sought to in the start. be this for 46 for people are dead for another seven wounded after a workplace shooting in indianapolis through the run for 30 yesterday afternoon police received reports inside of a sudden making office. officers to evacuate the building and found the body of the shooter killed by a self-inflicted gunshot wound. did he at the anti has not been repealed. this is not an everyday thing this is something we see on the news and other parts of the country. three of the four surviving members are listed in critical
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condition. the motive for connection to the business is not yet known. police will dig up a driveway in detroit in the hopes of finding chautauquas remains. that's around the time the union leader was last seen alive. please do not expect to find hoffa's body. when the test to prove that something was buried near the home. the nhl has know what that all of this year's preseason games. negotiators for the team owners and players union and plan to and resume talks today in new york. he talks will focus on secondary economic issues. as of now the sharks are scheduled to start the regular-season october 12th. this decision in hour ago as the camera out of the tunnel to send an ovation. some of the
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people happy to see them. good bluegrass came back on the field last month in baltimore. the leak and a lot that lakeland's the white. the commissioner apologize to finance rolling them through the strike but it was necessary to get a deal the league needs for the future. a picture taken of the baby during the recent tilt of the party has police considering whether it are not to perform charges. it was taken before arizona state football game. and also appears to be in the child's mouth but it is unclear if to actually have any alcohol in the system. like to know if this is a picture go too far? american airlines says it
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will take its pilots union to court. the airline is accusing pilots the following commitments claims that cause delays and cancellations. the union is angry over the company's decision to use bankruptcy protection to impose new work and perils. the recovery in the housing market lost ground in late summer. a number of americans whose son, checks to buy homes dropped in august or nearly 3%. just a month earlier the resale agreements a two-year high. another drop could to a more bunkers to jump into the housing market. alex rates have dropped to those levels on record. and the techies are trying to create online tools that help high-school loose hot and too
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and succeed in college. the competition runs their november 16th. the organization will award up to 30 grand. to the winners. steven is now just a click away. the social net working side introduced at this to a limited number of users yesterday. a new feature allows users to but a real gift and post it on a time when. just to roll but gradually across the u.s.. it is not illegal for employers and universities to hot ask for your social media password. the measures forbidding any company or school to read user name and password, school school compound and spit hear some good news for students in public universities in the
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provide more notice when raising tuition per. at least 30 days before notifying the public they also can not approve a hike until they have held a public meeting to discuss the proposal. what is not connected to seismic recording equipment. the university has installed more than 200 locations across the state. that will allow port to slow down or stop trains as a safety precaution in the event of a big earthquake. drivers in los angeles are preparing for the sequel of but never wanted to seek. it's bad enough as good a ton mile section of the busiest freeway will be closed for the whole weekend starting tonight. delta says about 185,000 drivers will need to
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avoid the area. still on the beach and steer local. stay with my ways. the chp is warning loss angeles folks to refrain from heightened on the close the highway. trying to run out the undesirables prepare for a separate neighborhoods is fighting crime in the ubique. how about bnp said. the adults only dinner that's creating the bus. a big discovery on mars. at what the curiosity rover spotted.
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what had gone to be hot this weekend will talk about checking some bridges around the bay area. a live look across the golden gate here. some new proof that might life may have existed on mars. the rover the gun sides of an asian strain on the red planet. this is bad rock that the roper been to that just a little while ago. a fast-moving streams possibly with steep may have flowed on that point. you may
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like to have your one with your pizza but have you ever had alcohol inside of your piece of. in boston he supports the serving up a new type of pizza with alcohol and fused in a topping. it's called the chair repeats that that's because the cherries are soaked in vodka. we so could chairs for quite some time with raspberry vodka. it doesn't burn off in the oven. but it's a place as the adults on a pizza has been so popular to more virgins will be launched next month. it is for 56 right now a alien mother is on the run accused of using her 10 year-old daughter to shoplift. for the palace hotel park
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neighborhood. a massive drug whip all in sonoma county. a young girl struck and killed by an sec.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hook a yawn. a liberal struck and killed by an s u v occurred 1 the stretch of road in a model has terrified parents for a long time. that the mother daughter car in the world. and among left a daughter holding the bat twice straight so for nature of sports on the road would. a lot of luck and a 83 oakland. it i


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